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bout thae scientific Aldhol Arabian Peninsula

bout thAe scientific Aldhol Arabian Peninsula
Arabic is the richest languages ​​in the world in terms of vocabulary that describes the terrain and vegetation of this while there are in English one single each cavities in the earth a word cave we find the Arabic language contains more than one word each has a special meaning and the most famous: the cave and laurel and compaction and are all still at the Arab Peninsula circulation. Valdahl cavity is in the ground floor of the cave and reverse Laurel, who Akunan mountain.
And better known compaction Azhari (see research on Azhari section), where he said (and I have seen Balkhalsae and aspects Dahna Dahlana many, has entered into non-Dahl of them, namely creations God created the underground goes compaction including ska in the ground taller or Qamtin or more, then Atgelov to the right or to the left, it is once narrowed and again expanding in Safat smooth where no weaving hoes specific hardness, has entered them Dahla, and when I finished the water if an atmosphere of stagnant where the water did not stand at capacity, depth and abundance of a power cut, compaction underground, I Fastqat with Osaahabi of One hundred and albumin if he was tortured, because water sky Isles him over and meet it.
He told me a group of parsing that Dahlan Alkhalsae not devoid of water and is not derived them only lip and Gil can not draw on them and after the water in the nozzle compaction, and heard them say: Dahl flan compaction Balh if his income, and said: Dahl so and so on and Saturn any spacing.) Finished
Geological interpretation
Most Aldhol located in the steel area in the western part of the guarantee about 230 km north of Riyadh, which is no exaggeration in the hundreds and can not see the size and the length of the maze compaction build on its opening sometimes find open diameter of 40 cm descend back to the rooms and corridors of a length of tens of meters, but up to 1000 meters and more and vice versa. Geological interpretation of the Dhol steel area that the land in this region is located between the two Tkoinyin formation or Rdmh a land of stone-colored limestone Karimi Light severe solubility and topped with a layer of the composition Meosna of sand and limestone
When clustered floods in the bottoms between Alhzum burrow in the ground as a result of the melting of carbonate rocks With the passage of years consists cavity him hurtling torrents, adding more depth in every time and so on.
The emergence of Alsoaqt and stalagmites are a slow process that requires hundreds of years as a result of the distillation of the water and melting of lime CaCO3 are scalable up to thousands of years and the diversity of its forms According to the water source Is it freaking the top or from the side or precipitates and so on. In fact, this explanation does not convince the man when he sees some strange forms of Aldhol configurations such as the so-called Hlesiah and there are still secrets did we know it does not have the only say Hallelujah see the journey in the site
Desert team.
Types Aldhol
1.aldhol existing vertical wells on the shape and these are located in the composition or Rdmh Examples include Alhishama Dahl was a supplier of water and a depth of 15 m.
2.aldhol horizontal volvulus is located 10-15 m below the ground and then find corridors horizontal and so tangled up along some of them to more than a kilometer and those located between composed or Rdmh limestone, composed of myosin, wate Examples include Dahl "museum", which we visited on the trip and Dahl Sultan.
3. (Alkhvos) Aldhol resulted from the collapse rocky and often huge Examples include Dahl Abu trees.
4. Aldhol buried with sand where the wind carries sand and buried Dahna Aldhol nearby Among the most famous examples of historical Vtak Dahl, who stated in the notice of generosity where Tmrth sand Perhaps to sabotage the trees layer in the veins of Dahna Balthtaib and overgrazing contributed to Ziad sand movement.
5. Aldhol Albaluaah They are serious and vertical (see picture)



The alert
Exploring Aldhol despite their luggage full of potential hazards so we recommend the following
1 good-looking research and read books from entering the caves and geography.
2-prepare the necessary safety tools where there is risk of head injuries or fractures as a result of a fall or chest allergies or loss in the compaction.
3-advise against entering the Dhol in the rainy season because the stream rushes her quickly they are like water drainage network and then it enters the compaction cut off completely from the outside do not feel what is happening outside the compaction.
4-at least there must be three people to enter into the compaction that remains one abroad always.
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